What Does a Chaplain Do

Drop by the chaplain’s office just to chat and take a breather during your day. Over coffee or tea or a juice, we can talk about your studies, your overload of work, or whatever is on your mind. The chaplain invites your e-mail messages, forwarded items, and questions. You are most welcome to contact the chaplain by e-mail to make an appointment.

The primary ministry of the chaplain is to listen to you as they struggle with life’s big questions. Clement has training in spiritual friending, and ask him to learn about what this practice in listening to another person is. Consider visiting the Office if you – or friends you meet on campus – are looking for a community or place where you can be yourself and be welcomed.  

The  chaplain listens 

if you . . . 

  • are looking for a community or place where you can be yourself and be accepted
  • want some spiritual support and guidance
  • want to locate your own faith community in Halifax
  • are experiencing difficulties with studies, relationships, work, etc.
  • are struggling with your sense of meaning, purpose, or direction in life
  • have important questions for your faith raised by your studies
  • want to explore a vocation or calling to ministry or service
  • are concerned about social justice issues and the relation between faith and action
  • are facing an illness, loneliness, grief, depression, or stress
  • are questioning some of your values or those of your friends, family, or faith group
  • are worried about your use of alcohol or drugs
  • would like information about volunteer opportunities
  • need a sounding board to explore your thoughts about questions life presents
  • have questions about your own sexual feelings and identity, or if the sexual orientation of a friend raises new questions