JAS Position Description


Seeking Socially-Concerned, Politically-Aware Student

We are seeking university students to spearhead some social justice or  consciousness-raising projects.

Intention: We seek individuals  who have a passion for social justice who will explore their own choice of  topics. We are especially interested in projects that explore and develop  bridges between differing cultural, religious, and ethnic groups – perhaps  with a focus on welcoming the stranger and refugee, developing intercultural  understanding and communication, etc. We also value projects that highlight  responsible care and action on environmental concerns. These interests will  lead to self-directed projects reflecting the interests of the applicants and  the needs of both campus and community.

Format:   The projects may take the form of film screenings with discussion, panels, a workshop, a lecture, a symposium, etc.

Design: The project designer will work in consultation with the chaplain and will present a description of each project, reporting on

  • the issues that hold the designer’s interest in creating projects
  • the needs of the campus and/or the community to be met by such projects
  • the resource search of materials and presenters/participants
  • purposes of the event or project
  • scheduling the time and location of the project
  • the publicity and promotion plan
  • etc.

Frequency: A stand-alone event or perhaps a series of events (at least two and a maximum of three per year).

Remuneration and Terms of Contract: Each project will be allocated a   payment of $500. Project work must be completed by the end of the Winter Semester. The project designer will be considered to have a contract with Atlantic Lutheran Campus Ministry (whether or not there is a contract in writing) and is not an employee.


Contact: Lutheran chaplain
 at Dalhousie Multifaith  Services in Room 407 of the Student Union Building.
 Send resume and statement of specific interests by September 16, 2018. 

Sharing Your Joy

“Your vocation in life is where your
greatest joy meets the world’s greatest need.”
Frederick Buechner