Bible Study Resources

Bible Gateway. A site which allows you to find scripture passages in a wide range of translations.

Faith Resources

Deepening Your Faith. Devotions to deepen your faith a series of ideas on how faith might be deepened for students through service projects, prayer, Bible study, etc.

Luther and Other Historic Lutherans

A program on the life of Bonhoeffer. From 1939-45, more than fifteen assassination attempts were made against Adolf Hitler, involving thousands of religious leaders, politicians and members of the military. One of the conspirators was a passionate Lutheran pastor named Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Play
Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Plot to Assassinate Hitler

Lutheran Resources: Synodical, National, and Global


Personal Issues

  • Aggressive Religious Groups are sometimes harmful to students, and this brochure gives some features of such groups to consider before becoming involved. View the text of the brochure by clicking Aggressive Religious Groups.
  • Self-help Themes on a variety of topics of interest to students: addictive relationships, dissertation success strategies, experiencing and expressing emotions, grief and loss, loneliness, perfectionism, stress management, test anxiety, time management, understanding depression, etc. Visit
  • Student Counseling Pamphlets on a themes for students: cults, cultural issues, depression, eating disorders, impulse control, sleep, stress, test-taking, time management, writing, etc. Visit Student Counseling Pamphlets.


Pop Culture

  • Movie Review: A Wrinkle in Time
    A science fiction fantasy about a girl's quest to discover her own power by embracing her faults and expressing her love. Read a review of the film and watch the trailer.
  • Movie Review: Black Panther
    A superhero movie that raises key questions about the responsibilities of a nation to the rest of the world. Read a review and watch the trailer. 


  • “And How Was Your Day?”: The Examen from the Consciousness Examen. Take time at the end of the day to recall the comforts and the stresses of the day. View the process by clicking Examen. A guided preparation for the Examen can be found here.
  • Prayer for Before Study from the writings of Thomas Aquinas. View the prayer by clicking Prayer Before Study
  • Prayers for Students from the Lutheran Campus Centre at the University of Wisconsin, prayers for oneself, for university matters, and for months of the year.

Other Lutheran Campus Ministries in Canada